At the time of purchase, the buyer is obliged to pay the shipping costs, except in the case of ordering individual items, which have a special note such as: “shipping costs are included in the price” or “free delivery”.

For delivery within the Republic of Slovenia in case of payment upon delivery, the package will be delivered by the GLS delivery service (home delivery or GLS package) and in case of payment by credit card or Paypal, the package will be delivered by the Post of Slovenia. For payment upon delivery in cash, GLS will charge you € 1.99. In case of payment by credit card or Paypal, there is no such charge. They ship the products you ordered to the address you provided as the shipping address. In case of regular delivery, there is no shipping cost, and in case of fast delivery, the cost is € 1.99. Delivery time is 2-3 working days. Deliveries are made mainly in the morning. If you can not pick up the package at the time of delivery, you can pick it up later at the nearest post office or post office box. In case of shipment of products to other EU countries, the price list of the delivery service that has accepted the shipment is used to calculate the charge. For faster delivery or delivery outside the Netherlands, the order must be made by phone or e-mail.