Tan mist – 150ml

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Dosežite naraven sijaj in takojšnje povečanje hidracije skozi celo leto v samo enem nanosu in doživite porjavelost brez črt in brez izpostavljanja soncu!


Before you apply your Tan mist it is important to gently exfoliate your skin and shave. To avoid dark patches on your knees, elbows and knuckles, apply moisturizer. Spray the product on clean and dry skin and spread it well with a glove. Make sure to apply LESS product on dry parts of your body (hands, knees, elbows). Golden tan will slowly develop in 4-6 hours. If the tan is not dark enough for you, you can repeat the process.

To maintain your tan, repeat the application every 5-7 days.

Pogosto zastavljena vprašanja

Will Tan mist stain my clothes and sheets?
NO! The formula absorbs quickly, it is colorless and transfer proof.

When is the best time to use Tan mist?
You can apply it before heading out somewhere or before sleep.

Can I take a shower after the application?
We recommend you to not take a shower right after. Wait one hour and you are free to go.

How can I avoid orange hands and knees?
Make sure to apply LESS product on dry parts of your body (hands, knees, elbows). You can use kabuki brush for more precise application. If you don’t use gloves for application, make sure you wash your hands afterwards.

Can I use Tan mist on my face?
You can, but make sure you avoid areas around the eyes and mouth.

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1x Tan mist - 150ml
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2x Tan mist - 150ml
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  • Porjavitev brez sonca
  • Hitra absorpcija
  • Naravni videz zagorele kože
  • Svež vonj kokosa
  • Ne pušča madežev
  • Globoko hidratantna

Customer Reviews

262 Reviews

Cathrine M. USA

Girls! This is perfect for winter days when we all look a little bit pale. Tan mist brings your face to life! No words needed.

Dolly E. USA

I use Tan drops right before I leave for my summer vacation. I like to be a little tanned before I put on my bikinis for the first time.

Amanda D. USA

This works like magic! I use it every 5 days throughout the year to maintain a beautiful bronzy glow.

Anna G. USA

By far the best most successful self tanning experience for me. I’m pale skinned and have tried all sorts of self tanners.

Jessica M. USA

Its great, it comes out in a perfect spray and its never gone patchy like the mousse does for me!

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