Tan drops – 50ml

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Tan drops are a perfect way to incorporate your tanning routine in to your skin care. They are for sure what you need in your tanning collection. You can add your Tan drops to your favourite moisturizer, cream or foundation to help you achieve a natural, healthy glow. There’s no room for being afraid of stains, because its lightwight formula is colourless. Get ready for gradual, streak-free tan without sun exposure. This Tan drops are summer in a cosmetic dropper.

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How to use?

Before you apply your self tan it is important to gently exfoliate your skin and shave. Once you removed dead skin cells and prepared your skin, you can now blend a few tan drops with your favourite face cream or body lotion. Smooth your blend of tan drops and skin cream into the skin and let the skin absorb it. Golden tan will slowly develop in 4-6 hours. Don’t take shower right after applying tan drops.


Can I use Tan drops with my moistruzier?
That’s the whole point! You can mix your Tan drops with your favourite moistruzizer, cream, losion, serum, foundation, or primer.

How many drops do I have to add to the cream?
1-2 drops for LIGHT TAN
3-4 drops for MEDIUM TAN
5-6 drops or more for DARK TAN

Will Tan drops stain my clothes and sheets?
NO! The formula absorbs quickly, it is colorless and transfer proof

How can I avoid orange hands and knees?
Make sure to apply LESS product on dry parts of your body (hands, knees, elbows). You can use kabuki brush for more precise application. If you don’t use gloves for application, make sure you wash your hands afterwards.

Can I use Tan mist on my face?
You can, but make sure you avoid areas around the eyes and mouth.

Can I take a shower after the application?
We recommend you to not take a shower right after. Wait one hour and you are free to go.

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  • Works with your favourite moisturizer
  • Sunless tanning
  • Gradual and even tan
  • Leaves no stains
  • Deeply hydrating
  • Streak free

Customer Reviews

262 Reviews

Anita E, 28 CZ

Tanning cream helps you tan so much faster. It is totally worth the money. I recommend it for sure!

Laura C, 20 IT

This product is amazing! My skin is naturally very dry… but Tanning cream keeps it hydrated and moisturized!

Jelena J, 34 RS

I got the most beautiful tan ever! Tanning cream is perfect for everyone who struggle to get tanned!

Vanesa Z, 27 RS

I usually don’t like my creams to have a scent, but this Tanning cream smells sooo amazing! It doesn’t bother me, because it is so fresh!

Katerina P, 28 SK

Tanzzo tanning cream is my favourite product ever! My skin looks healthy and glowy after using it. Big fan here!

Natalia R, 30 PL

Unfortunately I am very pale and I don’t get tanned easily. Last week I tried Tanzzo tanning cream and I could not believe how fast I turned into bronzed goddess.

Carmen N, 29 IT

This Tanning cream is the product you just don’t forget to bring on your summer vacation. It’s a must!

Elena Z, 22 GR

The wind and salt from the sea really dry up my skin and it itches so much… I started using Tanzzo tanning cream and I’ve noticed how nourished my skin is. 10/10!

Ana E, 24 BG

Best Tanning cream ever! Smells great and it isn’t greasy too much. Just got my darkest tan!

Delia R, 24 RO

Tanning cream gives that perfect chocolate glowy tan. And I noticed that my tanned complexion stays so much longer.

Darina O, 27 SK

I have never used such products. But I have to admit that Tanzzo tanning cream works wonders. You’ve got yourself a fair-skinned fan!

Nikola B, 24 CZ

My skin is very sensitive to most products. However, I decided to try this Tanning cream and I have to admit it is so pleasant and gentle. No rashes at all!

Julija L, 25

Tanzzo tanning cream is incredible! It smells so beautiful and feels so silky on my skin. According to my recommendations, 5 of my friends have already bought this cream. They love it!

Jovanka E, 43

I’m super pale and usually burn before I can get any bronze. With Tanzzo tanning cream, I don’t have to stay in the sun as long, so I can get a tan without the redness.

Barbora B, 21

This is the best tanning cream you could ever hope to use. It is hydrating, moisturizing and for sure effective. I love it!

Viorela D, 24 RO

It normally takes a full vacation for me to come home with a decent tan but with Tanzzo tanning cream it took me just 2 days! I’m so impressed with the results.

Annita P, 19 IT

I recommended this tanning cream to all my friends and family. My tan has never looked so great!

Fabiola U, 21 IT

I just love it! Tanzzo tanning cream is the one and only thing I use for my tan in the summer. Best purchase ever.

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