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Tanzzo Bronzer is the perfect mix of effortlessly absorbed hydration and layer of absolute perfecting bronze. This rich, luxurious body oil leaves skin with a touchable, silky-soft feel and delicate coconut scent. It moisturizes, adds glow, evens out your skin and it is the best tan enhancer you will ever use. If anything comes close to stunning skin in a bottle, it’s Tanzzo Bronzer.

  • Illuminating bronzed glow
  • Luxurious and leightweight formula
  • Tropical coconut scent
  • Hydrating and moisturizing formula
  • Suitable for all occasions
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How to use?

Shake well prior to use. Apply our Bronzer on your skin and blend it until desired level of intensity is achieved. A small amount of the product can also be applied to the face with tapping movements with the fingertips. Avoid area around eyes. For optimal hydration, apply the product immediately after showering. Wait few minutes for the product to absorb and dry before getting dressed. You are ready to glow!


Does Bronzer protects from UV radation?

Bronzer does not contain SPF protection. If your skin is very sensitive, we recommend using SPF cream and then applying our Bronzer.

Can I use Bronzer on the face?

You can use it on your cheakbones with precise tapping movements. Just make sure you avoid area around eyes.

Will Bronzer stain my clothes?

No, but make sure the Bronzer is fully absorbed into your skin.

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Customer Reviews

144 Reviews

Sara J, 23 SLO

I just love using Bronzer! It makes my skin super glowy and radiant!

Katerina U, 26 CZ

I use Bronzer everyday on the beach and also at night when I go to parties! Sun reflects so beautiful on my skin!

Ondina W, 20 SK

My skin gets very glowy and hydrated after using Bronzer. I love this product!

Clementina P, 28 IT

This is great for every occasion you can think of! It leaves a very beautiful shimmery skin and glowy look!

Nikolina Z, 25 RS

My boyfriend bought Bronzer for my birthday party on the beach. I looked like bronzed goddes and got so many compliments!

Karin V, 24 SLO

Babes, I recommend this product! Sometimes I use it on my dry hair ends and it nourishes them perfectly!

Valentina L, 24 IT

Love love love this product! Bronzed and shimmery skin is guaranteed!

Polina R, 19 SK

Bronzer gives a very nice subtle shimmer to your skin, making it look so healthy.

Lana J, 31 HR

OMG. This product is amazing! Would use this all year around just for healthy looking skin and glow.

Aneta C, 27 BG

It leaves a dazzling trail of bronzed liquid on the skin. its simply beautiful, i highly recommend!

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